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where you can download free, printable compilations of hand-picked questions and answers from Mi Yodeya, the online Jewish Q&A community.

  • Hagada - Mi Yodeya? - Real questions and answers that spring from the Passover Seder
    Our companion to the Passover Hagada, featuring questions practice, lore, and thought spanning the Seder, from preparations to closing.

  • Purim - Mi Yodeya? - Real questions and answers to share and enjoy on Purim
    Give your friends the gifts of knowledge and humor on Purim, with our personalizable gift booklet or gift card, both full of serious Purim questions and not-so-serious "Purim Torah" questions.


Kudos for publishing an English language publication implementing the transliteration "Hagada"! Looking forward to using it this year (for reasons other than spelling)! –  WAF Mar 22 '13 at 14:19
This is the coolest thing in the world... I love it! –  Joel Spolsky Mar 22 '13 at 18:42
@JoelSpolsky, thank you for your comment and for publicizing the haggadah! –  Monica Cellio Mar 22 '13 at 21:59
@JoelSpolsky and everyone else who likes this, we'd love to get you into it (or perhaps something even bigger) next time! Just go to Mi Yodeya and ask or answer something about passover or a related topic, and you, too, could be in Hagada - Mi Yodeya. –  Isaac Moses Mar 24 '13 at 3:11
NOTE: The comments above, dated 2013, applied to a previous publication, "Hagada - Mi Yodeya?" –  Isaac Moses Feb 12 at 15:53
@JoelSpolsky Check out what we've got this year! –  Isaac Moses Mar 7 at 8:05

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We are very excited to present Mi Yodeya's first publication for print:

?הגדה – מי יודע

Hagada - Mi Yodeya?

Real questions and answers that spring from the Passover Seder

This hagada supplement contains a collection of select questions and answers from Mi Yodeya that are related to the Passover Seder, presented in a nice document that you can print out and use to enhance your Seder experience.

DOWNLOAD the PDF here:

Click here to download "Hagada - Mi Yodeya?" (PDF)


Please share this!

When you print this document out for your own use, we hope you'll consider printing out an extra copy to give to a friend. Why not enhance their Seder, too?

In addition, we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd spread the word about this project. Share it with your social network! Email it to your Bubbie! Review it on Twitter! To make it easier, you can use the short link s.tk/miyodeya.

We would be very interested to hear any feedback you may have on any aspect of this project as a whole. This is our first publication for print, but hopefully not our last, so anything you can tell us to help us make future publications even better would be a much-appreciated gift. Please post feedback here, or email us at Mi.Yodeya@gmail.com.

will there be a new revised edition for 5774? –  not-allowed to change my name Apr 10 at 1:43
@not-allowedtochangemyname not this year -- we're still quite pleased with the book we did last year and think it has many years of seder use in it. This year we supplemented it with the Purim book. –  Monica Cellio Apr 14 at 15:50

פורים - מי יודע?‏

Purim - Mi Yodeya?

Real questions and answers to share and enjoy on Purim

Download and print any of these PDF files:

Full_Size Booklet Card

We are proud to present our second community publication, a collection of questions and answers from Mi Yodeya that you can print out and share with your friends on Purim.

WARNING: Some of the content is very, very silly!

We are offering PDF files in three different formats:

  • Full Size prints out on 28 single-sided pages of standard US letter-size paper (well, 27 if you skip the second page, which is blank).

  • Booklet contains all the same content as Full Size, but it's formatted to print out as a foldable booklet. It prints out on 7 double-sided pages.*

  • Card has just enough of the full content to whet your friends' appetites, formatted to print out as a foldable card. It prints out on one double-sided page.*

    * When printing the Booklet or Card, please make sure to print double-sided, with pages flipping up. Otherwise, some of your pages will come out əlʎʇs-ɯıɹnd. If you have any doubt about how it'll come out, we recommend doing a test print before you do a full run.

    Print Options

In the spirit of Purim, please share Purim - Mi Yodeya? with your friends!

  • Print out a bunch of copies and put them in your Mishloach Manot, hand them out in your synagogue, or send them by mail. If you save the files and then open in your favorite PDF reader, you can personalize your gift by typing into the fillable field on the cover:

    Your Name Here

  • Share a link to this page with your friends, so they can download their own copies: s.tk/miyodeya

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on any aspect of this project. Please visit this page to leave feedback, or email us at Mi.Yodeya@gmail.com.

Finally, if Purim is here, then Passover is around the corner!
Get ready by downloading your copy of Hagada - Mi Yodeya?.


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