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I'm an elected moderator on Mi Yodeya and The Workplace, and a pro-tempore mod on Writers and WorldBuilding.

I joined Stack Exchange so I could commit to the proposal for Mi Yodeya. I ask lots of questions to learn from the many knowledgeable Yodeyans. My answers tend to be to practical "Jewish life" questions.

Professionally, I'm a technical writer who works with (and often helps design) programming interfaces. I'd love to see more tech-writing questions on Writers.SE.

If you are a Jew and considering participating on the Biblical Hermeneutics SE site, I urge you to consider these words from someone who went down that path (10k user who invested a lot there before figuring out how bad it was). They want Jews to help out on their site, but they don't want to rein in the Christian evangelism so we'll feel welcome. That's at best distasteful. Proceed with caution, and ideally consult your rabbi first. (More info on our meta.) See also: Working with idolaters, infidels, and the impious: can interfaith discourse work?

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